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Mirchi Kannada Hits

Mirchi Kannada Hits

Listen your favorite kannada songs and top bollywood songs.
Country: Karnataka, India
Genres : KannadaMirchi

Mirchi Kannada Hits FM Radio is a popular FM radio station in Karnataka, India. It is a part of the Mirchi network, which is owned by Entertainment Network India Limited (ENIL). Mirchi Kannada Hits FM Radio broadcasts a wide range of Kannada music, including film songs, devotional music, and folk songs. The stations programming is designed to cater to a diverse audience, including young and old listeners. In addition to music, Mirchi Kannada Hits FM Radio also features popular talk shows and entertainment programs. The talk shows cover a range of topics, including current events, politics, social issues, and health. The hosts of these shows are well-known personalities in Karnataka and are known for their engaging discussions. The stations entertainment programs include game shows, quizzes, and comedy shows. These programs are designed to provide a fun and entertaining break from the daily routine and are popular among the stations listeners. Mirchi Kannada Hits FM Radio also features news bulletins that cover local and international news, sports, and business news. The stations news programming is designed to keep listeners informed about the latest developments and events. Overall, Mirchi Kannada Hits FM Radio is a popular and well-respected radio station in Karnataka that offers a diverse range of programming for its listeners. Its commitment to quality music, engaging talk shows, and entertaining programs make it a go-to choice for many listeners in the state.