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Air Tamil FM is one of the most popular radio stations owned by All India Radio (AIR). This radio station broadcasts in thr tamil language. On this FM radio you can listen national music, entertainment programs daily. In this radio station you can also listen to indian news and interviews that will be interesting to anye page people. AIR Tamil FM Radio is a popular radio station in India that broadcasts in the Tamil language. It is owned and operated by All India Radio (AIR), which is Indias national broadcaster. The station provides a mix of entertainment and informative programming, with a focus on Tamil music, news, and current affairs. It plays a wide range of Tamil film songs, classical music, devotional music, and folk music, making it a popular choice for Tamil music enthusiasts. In addition to its music programming, AIR Tamil FM Radio also broadcasts news bulletins in Tamil throughout the day, covering local, national, and international news. It also features a range of talk shows and discussions on various topics, such as health, education, and social issues. The station has a team of experienced and knowledgeable hosts who provide insights and analysis on a range of issues. They also conduct interviews with experts and celebrities from various fields, making the programming informative and engaging for listeners. Overall, AIR Tamil FM Radio is a popular station in India that provides a mix of entertainment and informative programming in the Tamil language. Its diverse music programming, news bulletins, and talk shows make it a top choice for listeners who want to stay connected to Tamil culture and society.


Address Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110001