India 100.5 FM Radio
100.5 FM Radio

100.5 FM Radio

Country: India

Based on your interest in 100.5 FM Radio indian station live, here are some possibilities:

Multiple Stations:

There are numerous stations in India operating on 100.5 FM, spanning different cities and program formats. Determining the specific station youre looking for requires more information like:

  • City: Which city in India are you interested in? This will significantly narrow down the options.
  • Genre: Do you prefer a specific genre like music, news, talk, or sports?

Popular Options:

If youre not sure about the specific station, here are some popular 100.5 FM stations in different Indian cities:

  • Kolkata: Red FM 100.5 FM
  • Mumbai: Radio City 100.5 FM
  • Chennai: Radio Mirchi 100.5 FM
  • Delhi: Fever FM 100.5 FM
  • Bangalore: Radio One 100.5 FM

Finding Station Information:

Once you have the city and possibly genre preference, you can use resources like:

  • Station Websites: Most stations have websites with live streaming and program schedules.
  • Radio Apps: Apps like TuneIn Radio or Radio Garden allow you to search for stations based on location and frequency.
  • Streaming Services: Platforms like Saavn or Gaana offer live radio streaming for some stations.


  • Live streaming availability might depend on your location and the stations broadcasting rights.
  • Some stations might have regional variations in program schedules.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or need help pinpointing a specific station.