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Vividh Bharati

Radio Vivid Bharati (VBS) is the most popular government fm radio station on All India Radio. this radio station has been on the air since 1957. The transmission network of this channel is distributed throughout the country and covers 97% of the countrys population. Indian popular music, movie songs, short audio dramas and colorful fan participation programs are broadcast. The following shows are particularly popular Meet Inse Maile, Hawa Mahal, Jayamala, Phule Bisre Geet, Pitara and others. The radio is broadcast from forty indigenous stations located in the main metropolises. All of these are connected to the head office of the radio station in Mumbai. Vividh Bharati FM Radio is a popular radio station in India that is owned and operated by All India Radio (AIR). It is a Hindi language station that is known for its entertaining and informative programming. The station was launched in 1957 and quickly became popular due to its mix of music, dramas, and other entertainment programs. Its music programming includes a wide variety of genres, such as film music, devotional songs, and regional music from different parts of India. Vividh Bharati FM Radio also features a range of talk shows and discussions on current affairs, social issues, and other important topics. The station has a team of experienced and knowledgeable hosts who provide insights and analysis on a range of issues. In addition to its entertaining and informative programming, Vividh Bharati FM Radio also plays an important role in preserving and promoting Indian culture. The station features a range of cultural programs that showcase different aspects of Indian art, music, and literature. Overall, Vividh Bharati FM Radio is a popular station in India that provides a mix of entertaining and informative programming to its listeners. Its diverse music programming, talk shows, and cultural programs make it a top choice for listeners who want to stay connected to Indian culture and society.


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