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AIR Imphal Sangai

AIR Imphal Sangai

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A Window to Manipur: Exploring AIR Imphal Sangai

Nestled in the heart of Manipur, India, All India Radio (AIR) Imphal Sangai serves as a vital link for the states diverse communities. Broadcasting on the AM frequency 882 kHz, this radio station offers a rich tapestry of content in Meitei, the primary language of Manipur, alongside other regional languages.

More Than Just Music

AIR Imphal Sangai goes beyond mere entertainment. Its programming caters to a wide range of listeners:

  • News and Current Affairs: Stay informed about local, national, and international happenings through regular news bulletins and insightful discussions.
  • Cultural Programs: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Manipur through traditional music, folktales, and discussions on art, dance, and festivals.
  • Educational Programs: Enhance your knowledge with programs focusing on agriculture, healthcare, and educational topics relevant to the region.
  • Interactive Talk Shows: Participate in lively discussions on social issues, community development, and topics of interest to the Manipuri population.

A Platform for Local Voices

AIR Imphal Sangai provides a platform for local artists, scholars, and community leaders to share their perspectives and engage with the audience. This fosters a sense of community and cultural pride while promoting local talent and traditions.

Preserving and Promoting Manipuri Language

The radio station plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the Meitei language. By broadcasting a majority of its content in Meitei, AIR Imphal Sangai ensures the languages continued use and appreciation by younger generations.

Reaching Beyond Borders

While primarily catering to the people of Manipur, AIR Imphal Sangais online presence allows anyone with an internet connection to tune in. This broadens the stations reach, enabling the Manipuri diaspora to stay connected to their roots and fostering cultural exchange with a wider audience.

Tuning in to Tradition and Progress

AIR Imphal Sangai serves as a bridge between tradition and progress. It keeps listeners informed about modern developments while simultaneously preserving the rich cultural heritage of Manipur. Whether youre a local resident or someone curious about Manipuri culture, this radio station offers a unique window into the heart of this vibrant state.

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