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All India Radio Air Odia is most popular indian radio station in Odia language. Air Odia FM is an online radio station from New Delhi, India. This Odia FM radio Broadcasting was opened in 2002. Listen to indian odia language music and classic content in free live online. AIR Odia FM Radio is a popular regional radio station in India that broadcasts in the Odia language. It is operated by All India Radio (AIR), which is a government-owned broadcasting organization in India. The station provides a mix of entertainment and informative programming to its listeners. The programming of AIR Odia FM Radio includes a variety of shows such as news, music, talk shows, and cultural programs. The station is known for its quality news coverage, which includes both local and national news updates. Its music programming includes a mix of popular Odia songs, folk music, and devotional music. AIR Odia FM Radio also features talk shows that cover a range of topics such as politics, social issues, and current affairs. These shows provide a platform for discussions and debates on important topics and issues affecting the region. In addition to its informative programming, AIR Odia FM Radio also broadcasts cultural programs that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Odisha. These programs feature traditional music, dance, and other art forms that are unique to the region. Overall, AIR Odia FM Radio is a popular radio station in Odisha that provides a mix of informative and entertaining programming to its listeners. Its quality news coverage, music, talk shows, and cultural programs make it a top choice for listeners who want to stay informed and entertained.


Address Akashvani Bhavan, Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110001