DiscoBani Kolkata

DiscoBani Kolkata

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Discobani kolkata is a live online radio station that always play latest international and local music. Disco Banee Kolkata is one of the latest Disco Banee music radio stations broadcasting from Kolkata. This is another Radio BongoNet project. This station plays excellent Bengali disco music 24/7. You can give your valuable feedback in the comment area on the right side of our website.

Discobani kolkata is a music streaming service from koltaka, india.

Upgrade to a Paid Account To Unlock This Radio Station. We love your enthusiasm for trying to copy this textbook! If youre smart enough to try to copy this textbook, youre smart enough to know that Smodin can help make your job 10 times easier. Show your support by upgrading to a free account, youll get access to new note styles, super charges (10x our note model), longer content, and full content. There are many other great features including unlimited plagiarism checks, unlimited rewrites, more credits, and access to the new AI features Smodin has to offer! DiscoBani Kolkata FM Radio is a popular radio station in Kolkata, India, that specializes in playing disco music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The station is owned and operated by the Bani Broadcast Ventures Pvt. Ltd. DiscoBani Kolkata FM Radio aims to cater to the music tastes of a wide range of listeners by playing a variety of disco hits. The stations programming includes popular songs from artists such as ABBA, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and many others. In addition to playing music, DiscoBani Kolkata FM Radio also broadcasts live shows that feature interactive segments such as music requests, shoutouts, and listener dedications. The station also keeps its listeners updated with the latest news and events in Kolkata through its news bulletins and talk shows. The station has a team of experienced and knowledgeable hosts who bring their expertise in music and entertainment to their shows. Their lively and engaging commentary makes the programming entertaining and informative for listeners. Overall, DiscoBani Kolkata FM Radio is a popular station in Kolkata that provides its listeners with a steady stream of disco hits and engaging programming. Its focus on a particular genre of music makes it a go-to choice for disco music lovers in the city. Related Bangla Radio Stations:-
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