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Radio Bhumi

Radio Bhumi

Listen sports news and bangla folk songs.
Country: Bangladesh

Radio Bhumi FM is a Bangladeshi radio station that broadcasts news, talk shows, and entertainment programs. It is known for its unbiased and informative news coverage, which covers both national and international issues. The radio station also features programs on various topics, including health, education, technology, and lifestyle. In addition, it plays a wide range of music, including Bengali and international hits. Radio Bhumi FM is available on FM frequencies in several cities in Bangladesh, and it can also be streamed online. Its audience includes people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in staying informed and entertained.

Nestled in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Radio Bhumi FM (92.8 FM) carves a unique space in the nations radio landscape. Launched in 2012, it boasts the distinction of being the first private FM radio station in the country dedicated solely to Bengali music.

A Celebration of Bangla Beats

Radio Bhumi FM is a haven for music lovers in Bangladesh. Their playlist features a rich tapestry of Bengali music, encompassing:

  • Popular Hits: Stay updated on the latest chart-topping Bengali tracks, from the soulful melodies of modern pop to the foot-tapping rhythms of folk-fusion.
  • Timeless Classics: Relive the golden era of Bengali music with iconic songs from legendary artists and delve into the rich musical heritage of Bangladesh.
  • Independent Gems: Discover the vibrant world of Bangladeshi independent music, featuring up-and-coming artists and innovative sounds.

More Than Just Music: A Cultural Anchor

Radio Bhumi FM goes beyond mere entertainment. They strive to be a cultural anchor for Bangladesh, offering programs that:

  • Highlight Local Sports: Catch live commentary and engaging discussions on popular Bangladeshi sports, fostering national pride and keeping listeners updated on the sporting scene.
  • Promote Cultural Events: Stay informed about upcoming cultural events and festivals in Bangladesh, celebrating the nations rich artistic heritage.
  • Showcase Bangla Language: The station takes pride in using pure, high-quality Bengali in its programming. This not only enhances the listening experience but also promotes the preservation and appreciation of the Bangla language.

Committed to Quality

Radio Bhumi FM is dedicated to providing a superior listening experience. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and production techniques to ensure crisp audio quality and professional program delivery.

Beyond the Airwaves: Embracing Digital

While radio remains their core, Radio Bhumi FM recognizes the evolving media landscape. They have a strong online presence, allowing listeners worldwide to tune in via streaming services. This expands their reach, fostering a connection with the Bengali diaspora and promoting Bangladeshi music on a global scale.

The Voice of Bangladeshi Culture

Radio Bhumi FM isnt just a radio station; its a cultural ambassador. It celebrates the essence of Bangladesh through music, sports, and language, fostering a sense of national pride and connecting listeners with their heritage. Whether youre a local resident or someone curious about Bangladeshi culture, Radio Bhumi FM offers a vibrant window into the heart of this South Asian nation.