India 93.5 Red FM
93.5 Red FM

93.5 Red FM

Country: India
Genres : Talk

93.5 Red FM: All You Need to Know About the Popular Indian Radio Station 93.5 Red FM is a popular Indian radio station known for its entertaining content and music. The radio station is owned by Sun Group and was launched in 2002. It broadcasts in major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai, as well as smaller cities across the country. The radio station is known for its unique programming style, which includes a mix of music, comedy, and talk shows. Some of the popular shows on 93.5 Red FM include Morning No.1, Dilli ke Pakke Entertainers, Mumbai Local, and Red Ka Bachelor. In addition to its entertaining content, 93.5 Red FM is also known for its social initiatives. The radio station has launched several campaigns to promote social causes such as road safety, education, and womens empowerment. It has also partnered with various organizations to raise funds and awareness for important issues. This FM Radio Station has won several awards for its innovative programming and social initiatives. In 2020, it won the Best FM Network award at the India Radio Forum Awards. It has also won awards for its individual shows and on-air personalities. Overall, 93.5 Red FM is a popular and entertaining radio station in India. Its unique programming style and social initiatives have helped it gain a loyal following across the country. Whether youre looking for music, comedy, or talk shows, 93.5 Red FM is a great option for listeners in India.